Tiny kitten nearly burnt to death in a bonfire went on to make a miracle recovery after being adopted by the veterinary nurse who saved him. 

Fire Cat was rescued by police officers who spotted him lying in the road near a bonfire. He had suffered horrific burns – including losing all the fur on his face – and was taken to Pride Veterinary Centre in Derby where he was given a slim chance of survival. 

Veterinary nurse Jenni Gretton said: “He smelled of burnt hair because he was singed. All his fur was charred and his ears and whiskers were burnt. All the skin on his face was burnt and his eyes were really quite singed. His ears were clinging over the top and he was really sore. 

“His lips were burnt away right to his teeth. He looked worse a few days later when the skin started to peel off – the skin on his face peeled away after a few days. It was difficult to know whether to carry on with treatment or not. We decided to try,” added Jenni. “I was bathing him throughout the day and putting vaseline on his wounds. His skin fell off his face and nose.” 

Fire Cat was put on fluids and vets were unsure whether he would survive. But after an operation to save his eye and dress his wounds, he survived. Jenni was so taken with him, she started an online campaign to raise money for his treatment. After just six hours of launching the campaign, wellwishers donated £2,000 to cover his vet’s bills. 

Jenni, 32, adopted the kitten, who she named Fire Cat, after no one came forward to claim him. She added: “We still don’t know who his owners were, what happened to him or whether it was malicious or not.”