Rescue dog that weighed the same as a baby elephant finally finds his forever home.

He was the biggest dog that Dogs Trust had ever cared for – a gentle giant who struggled to find a home. 

When 100kg mastiff Galahad arrived he weighed the same as a baby elephant. Despite the charity’s best efforts, they struggled to find a permanent home for the super-sized but big-hearted pooch.  Several owners tried but found they couldn’t cope. 

But now Galahad, five, has finally found his happy ending – after settling in with his forever family in Kent. 

He’s become part of the Dimmock family, sharing their home, using their three-seater sofa as his bed and becoming a great pal to son Matthew, 15, who is autistic. Dad Colin, says: “He’s fantastic – he sits, gives you his paw, he comes up and gives you a kiss, he’s met cyclists, tractors, cars, other dogs, and is brilliant with our son Matthew – he likes everything about Galahad apart from the slobber! 

“He’s just starting to play tug. He’ll chase a football down the garden and once he’s punctured it he’ll bring it back. We haven’t found a toy he can’t destroy yet – typically they last about a day.

“He snores so loudly we can hear him from our bedroom”.