Cat who lost a leg in a road accident helps seven-year-old Connor cope with severe learning and mobility problems.

Despite only having three legs after being hit by a car, Minty is a cat carer for a little boy struggling to cope with complex needs. 

Connor Raven, seven, has severe learning difficulties and a series of medical conditions that make it hard for him to keep his balance and stay mobile. 

Minty, who lives with Connor and mum in Holywell, Flintshire, loves to be by Connor’s side – providing comfort and encouragement when he needs it most. 

He comes to Connor’s aid when things get difficult, rubbing his face on his hand and helping him when he was learning to climb the stairs. 

Connor’s mum, Siobhan says: “Connor can be very loud, and his medical conditions mean he’s very wobbly and clumsy. 

“Many pets would understandably keep their distance, but not Minty – when Connor is at his most in need, Minty is there like a shot. 

“Minty would spend hours jumping one step at a time, stopping to allow Connor to catch up. 

“It was incredible to witness him patiently encourage Connor to achieve something he found so difficult.”