WEBBOX JOY OF PETS AWARD MAX, PADDY AND HARRY Pooch pals became a social media sensation as their antics helped people struggling with their mental health during lockdown. Kerry Irving credits springer spaniel Max with saving his life when the effects of a serious road accident left him suffering depression and feeling suicidal. After adopting […]


YOUNG ANIMAL HEROES ASHA AND JIA KIRKPATRICK Sisters persuaded cereal giant Kellogg’s to change its palm oil policy to help save orangutans threatened by devastating deforestation. When Asha and Jia learned that the production of palm oil has a devastating impact on the habitats of orangutans, they had to do something. Asha, 13 and Jia, […]


OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION JOHN AND GILL DALLEY Driving force behind the Soi Dog Foundation, tackling the plight of street dogs and cats in Thailand. In 2003 there were an estimated 70,000 strays living on the streets of Phuket in appalling conditions. John, then 53, and his late wife Gill, 44, had retired early to Thailand that […]


INSPIRATIONAL ANIMAL RUBY BUTTONS Tiny kitten with facial abnormalities won the hearts of deaf couple who saw past her unusual looks and fell in love with her unbreakable spirit. When Ruby Buttons arrived at Battersea at just seven weeks old, it was immediately clear to staff that she was a special kitten that would require […]


SPECIAL RECOGNITION SUSANNAH LOVEGROVE AND RONNIE THE DUCK   Wheelchair-using duck nursed back to health after a near-fatal fox attack brings joy and companionship to his family. Ronnie, a three-year-old black Cayuga duck, was the sole survivor of a fox attack that killed his best friend Reggie and girlfriend Cagney. He suffered two broken ribs […]


INSPIRATIONAL ANIMAL SPLASH   Horse has helped to transform the lives of children and disadvantaged young people at a groundbreaking inner city riding club. When Mikhi Fearon first arrived at Ebony Horse Club as an 11-year-old, he was scared of the animals. Now 17, he is not only a keen rider, but a young man […]