Tiny kitten with facial abnormalities won the hearts of deaf couple who saw past her unusual looks and fell in love with her unbreakable spirit.

When Ruby Buttons arrived at Battersea at just seven weeks old, it was immediately clear to staff that she was a special kitten that would require extra care.

Born with a cleft lip, Battersea’s vets discovered that she also suffered from a rare congenital abnormality where one of her eyeballs was underdeveloped, and they had to remove it to ease her discomfort.

As a result the kitten struggled to find a home, and staff feared it was due to her unconventional looks.

Then one day, Deborah Cochrane – who had been looking to rehome a cat with her partner Alex – saw an article about the kitten in a newspaper and her heart melted. 

Now safe and happy in the couple’s home in Birmingham, Ruby Buttons is thriving. “I’m glad she was overlooked because she fits with us so well and makes us so happy. Ruby Buttons has changed our lives. I wanted her so much that I felt like I’d won the lottery when we were accepted. She is definitely one in a million.”