Wheelchair-using duck nursed back to health after a near-fatal fox attack brings joy and companionship to his family.

Ronnie, a three-year-old black Cayuga duck, was the sole survivor of a fox attack that killed his best friend Reggie and girlfriend Cagney. He suffered two broken ribs and spine damage, leaving him unable to walk. His devastated owner Susannah Lovegrove, who pulled him from the fox’s jaws, was advised that he might have to be euthanised.

But determined to give her beloved pet a second chance, Susannah pulled out all the stops in a bid to save him, taking him to a physio and building him a specially adapted wheelchair. Ronnie even has his own yoga mat for his daily exercise.

Due to his complex needs Susannah has had to take Ronnie with her on trips as far away as Cornwall and Bedfordshire and he sleeps every night in the kitchen with the family dog.